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Mussels - packed 10/1 lb. bags


Conveniently vacuum packed and cooked to retain the mussel’s natural juices. Easy and quick to prepare, just re-heat and serve. Cooked in the shell with their own natural juices, simply remove from the bag steam or saute for 5 -7 minutes or until mussels open.

 You can also heat them in a dry covered pan or try steaming them with plain water or herbs, butter and your favorite white wine. You will be your own master of fresh flavors and presentation in the flawless, black smooth shells. Experiment with adding to you marinara, a paella or even add to bisque's, soups, or chowders. 

Each bag contains up to 22-33 mussels, which are farm-raised and rope grown. 

This is a 10 lb. case.